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Articles and speeches written or facilitated by Rod have been placed in this section to tell a historical picture of the political and business struggles that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people faced when each one was written. Many of the issues presented in the papers or speeches are still on the negotiation table today. It is Rod Williams wish that students, future leaders, business, government and the community access these papers for reference to measure our progress in relation to political, cultural, social, environmental, business and economic aspirations' that our business leaders have called for over the many years.

1st National Indigenous Business and Economic Conference (NIBEC) – 1993 – Speech by Rod Williams – The NIBEC conference was hosted by the Arrernte Council of Central Australia, President Charles Perkins and Vice Ted Hampton. In attendance where local, state, national and international Indigenous people who were either in business or interested in starting a business.  The conference workshops and sessions assisted building a strong united vision and platform for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander businesses to implement.  Rod Williams and Graham Atkinson Facilitator Managers; Rod was asked  to summarize the conference findings and directions for the future.  NIBEC 1993 is the start for our businesses having a national voice that was formulated by Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander and other International Indigenous businessmen and businesswomen during the Alice Springs conference... kindly fill in form below for access to the article.

Land Rights – Past, Present and Future – 20 Years of Land Rights Conference, Canberra ACT 1996 – Jointly sponsored by the Northern and Central Land Councils of the NT celebrating 20 years of Land Rights.  Rod Williams was invited as a guest speaker in the Aboriginal Economic Development session of the conference.  It give the opportunity to consolidate a number of concepts and ideas that Rod had a keen interest in due to his industry, business and 2 NIBEC conferences 1993 and 1995 experiences.  Concepts like Cultural/ Economic Assimilation and the Black Economy made up of many aspects like Superannuation, Funds Management, Industry Positioning, Joint Ventures, Small Business Development, Skills Transfer, Credit Unions, Procurement, Black Pages, Government Asset Sales, Business Development Agency and our Future Direction was presented the audience… kindly fill in form below for access to the article.

An Aboriginal Perspective of Native Title, Resources 96 Convention, Adelaide December 1996 - Speech Rod Williams.  Rod needed to take a personal family approach to this delivery due to the emphasis that the message the Howard Government was presenting to Australians' that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander leadership is wearing the black arm band of guilt, or to confront you (audience) with those words that you should be to blamed for the actions of your Forefather's.  Then answered questions in relation to Native Title and Mining...… kindly fill in form below for access to the article

Mindaribba Statement (2001) was developed by the NSW Aboriginal Land Council Focus Group delegates attending the Mindaribba LALC Workshop on Treaty Process Options for NSW, 20th and 21st March 2001, the Mindaribba Statement sets out the NSWALC network position on the issues of the “Reconciliation process” and or “Treaty process” in NSW.  This statement was formulated as a historical statement to be accessed by future generations to use as source document for research or the formulation of negotiation strategies..… kindly fill in form below for access to the article

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