Rod really helped me improve and expand my business by working with me to clarify what my business was about, what it had to offer and where it fit in the marketplace. I had been in business for some time before working with Rod, and I used to wonder why more clients weren’t using my services. Rod’s advice enabled me to think about how my products would work for the client.

Rod has a strong corporate background and brings credibility, particularly as an Indigenous person with business experience. This credibility is really important. Ideas need to come from someone who has walked the talk, and that is something that Rod Williams has done.”

Anthony Newcastle, Founder, Natjul Indigenous Performing Arts


I think Gongan's framework and approach to organisational development is unique in the way that Rod looks at all elements within the community context - the politics, kinship systems and relationships - as part of the process.

I see consultants in communities who have the business, administrative and governance expertise but very little understanding of how to approach or engage in a culturally appropriate and meaningful way.

Similarly, you have other consultants who have the knowledge and understanding of community protocols, language and kinship systems but do not have the experience to put the basic structures in place for the development of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organisations and corporations. This includes developing business administrative and governance policies and procedures and developing business planning processes for the future.

I think Gongan is unique in what it offers, with successful outcomes.”

Janeen Bulsey, Withinka Enterprises


I had the great privilege of working closely with Rod Williams at Galiwin’ku community in remote North-East Arnhemland throughout 2011. Rod's strengths are being able to empathetically interpret a situation and share relevant information among local Aboriginal people in ways that they easily understand, which helped underpin the success of our work.

Rod has developed an economic framework for a range of social and commercial scenarios to help Indigenous people and organisations undertake a comprehensive assessment of their plans and aspirations. I have been working very successfully for many years with Indigenous Australians using similar methodologies that Rod employs in his framework but until I met Rod I had never seen these concepts articulated so clearly, methodically and comprehensively in one package of ready to use tools.”

Danny Burton, Indigenous affairs consultant


I had the pleasure of working with Rod from Gongan Consultancy when I was the executive officer of the Aboriginal Legal Rights Movement Native Title Unit. We engaged Rod as his background related to Aboriginal enterprises and economic development from a governance perspective. His area of expertise lies in how to develop and maintain a good balance between cultural values and the general business culture.

Right from the start, Rod easily understood all the issues and was able to develop solutions. Amongst other things, his work included providing advice and delivering presentations, where he was always able to explain things in layman’s terms. Rod is a very respectful person and was an excellent advisor to us .”

Parry Agius, Chairman, Aboriginal Enterprises in Mining, Exploration and Energy Ltd (AEMEE)


I worked closely with Rod Williams from Gongan Consultancy when the Yerin Aboriginal Health Centre contracted Rod to provide strategic planning, direction and advice.

What struck me immediately about Rod was his quiet, gentle manner, and his ability to work with people from all backgrounds and disciplines.

Rod was a perfect fit for our organisation because he is an Aboriginal man with a professional background. This meant he knew how to deal with the funding bodies and government agencies, he knew what the issues were within the organisation and what we needed to do, and he could communicate with and explain things to the community.

He really helped us build a strong foundation on which our health centre could grow, and that has helped us get to where we are today."

Cathie Sinclair, Chief Executive Officer, Yerin Aboriginal Health Centre, Auspice Eleanor Duncan Aboriginal Health Centre


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